From the Law Society of Ontario:

On August 1, 2020, the Act was amended to allow:

Paralegals to be appointed as notaries in the same manner as lawyers. In other words, paralegals can now apply to be appointed a notary public upon becoming licensed by the Law Society. This is a non-restrictive life-time appointment.

Remote Commissioning Defined

In Ontario, the practice of commissioning, including remote commissioning, is governed by provincial legislation, the Commissioners for Taking Affidavits Act (the “Act”). Commissioners for taking affidavits are entitled to administer oaths and take affidavits and statutory declarations. These are typically important legal documents that have evidentiary value in court and confirm accuracy for government offices.

The commissioner is responsible for verifying the deponent’s identity, administering an oath, witnessing the deponent’s signature, satisfying himself or herself as to the genuineness of the deponent’s signature, and executing the document by signing the jurat (which includes the manner in which the oath or declaration was administered, as well as the date on which and the location where the document was executed).

Remote commissioning is an authentication and signature process for taking affidavits and statutory declarations that uses audio-visual technology. It is therefore not conducted in the physical presence of the commissioner. An example of remote commissioning is a lawyer or paralegal who meets with a client via a video conferencing system and directs the client to sign the relevant legal document that is visible to the lawyer or paralegal through video. The client then returns the original executed document to the lawyer or paralegal who, upon receipt, signs the document as a witness to the client’s signature. 

Another example is a client and a lawyer or paralegal logging into the same platform to view and electronically sign the same document simultaneously, despite being in different physical locations.

Applicable Legislation

Applicable Legislation

Section 9(1) of the Act provides that every oath and declaration must be taken by the deponent in the physical presence of the commissioner, notary public, or any other person administering the oath or declaration.

Where a commissioner is not in the physical presence of a deponent or declarant, section 9(2) of the Act permits the commissioner to administer the oath or declaration remotely if the conditions identified in section 1 of O. Reg. 431/20 (the “Regulation”), made under the Act, are met.

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Notary Public & Commissioner of Oath Services

Klingler Law is licensed and able to provide Notary and Commissioner of Oath services for any and all documents.

What you need for the appointment:

- Drivers License/ Passport for ID;

- Do not sign any documents before arriving for your appointment; and

- Must be present before the Commissioner to sign and complete.

Examples of Documents 

Documents to be Commissioned:

  • Delayed birth registration forms;

  • Application to amend birth registration;
  • Declaration affirming parentage;
  • Election to change of name of child under the age of 12;
  • Statutory declaration by an applicant to correct an error in registration;
  • Legal name change application;
  • Blank statutory declaration;
  • Insurance claims;
  • Common law status affidavits;
  • Special invitations to family members overseas;
  • Passport applications (in lieu of guarantor);
  • Pension purpose attestations of recipient being alive and confirming their residency;
  • Residency document;
  • Lost passport;
  • Single status certificate;
  • Consent letter for traveling with a child commonly referred to as a travel document;
  • Federal government permanent residency card applications;
  • Municipal Information Form (MIF) for liquor license;
  • Affidavit waiving vaccinations based on religious grounds.

Documents to be Notarized physically in-front of a Notary Public:

  • Certified True Copy (Except for the College of Trades)
  • Will
  • Power of Attorney (for a Will)

Documents that can be Notarized via video conference online with a Notary Public:

  • All documents listed in Commissioned section above
  • Affidavits, all types
  • Statutory Declarations, all types
  • Agreements, all types

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